Glasdon & Enevo Team Up To Add Smart Tech To Street Litter Bins

Glasdon-Jubilee-with-Enevo-Sensor-1Enevo has announced a partnership with UK bin manufacturer and supplier, Glasdon U.K. Limited, which will see the two companies working closely with a number of local authorities to improve their street scene services through the introduction of a range of intelligent street litter bins.

Fitting Enevo sensors to Glasdon litter bins enables fill level data to be transmitted in real-time to Enevo’s cloud-based dashboard. Customers can manage their operations to collect bins more efficiently, mitigate overflowing bins and ultimately save both time and money. These “Enevo Ready” bins can be bought complete with sensors, or they can  retrofittedto existing compatible bins.

Andy Crofts, Sales Director, UK, Enevo – a “smart waste management” business – said: “Glasdon is one of the UK’s best and most trusted suppliers of litter bins, with a strong track record and customer base. We’re delighted to work closely with Glasdon to ensure that a wide range of bins have been adapted for our sensors. This gives customers an extensive choice of options as they move their operations towards smart waste management”.

Neil Gilkes, National Sales Manager for Glasdon U.K. Limited commented on the new initiative “We are excited to be working alongside Enevo in supplying innovative products that enable our customers to contribute towards a cleaner and more sustainable environment. We anticipate that the durability and long service life of Glasdon products, partnered with real-time information provided by Enevo, will serve our customers well”.



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