Health & Safety Pledge Launched At CIWM Conference 2013


At the CIWM/ESA Conference 2013, CIWM President John Skidmore launched not only the Institution’s health and safety pledge, but also the new CIWM Journal Online website… which if you’re reading this you’ll already know!

He opened by talking about conserving resources and the fact that we are consuming resources at triple the rate our planet can cope with, and the pressure on resource security will force us to reconsider product design, specifically “green design, the design of products with disassembly in mind”.

John highlighted the launch of the ESA report (read the story here) and he appealed to governments across the British Isles to “beef up resources to tackle the growing market in the illegal exports of SRF, undermining the legitimate operators’ ability to invest in facilities in the UK. I call for tough and effective action against those that commit crime”.

He added that the speed and effectiveness of communication was key in the industry, and he was therefore delighted to launch the CIWM Journal Online website.

Health and safety has been a key part of John’s presidential year, and he also launched CIWM’s heath, safety and welfare pledge for the waste and resource industry. “Through this pledge CIWM is adding its influence… by encouraging organisations to focus on their internal systems to increase employees’ health, safety and wellbeing”.

Read the full story on the health, safety and welfare pledge here


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