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“Smart Meter” Funding To Help Fight Hospitality Food Waste

motion chefs of a restaurant kitchenWinnow, the technology company behind the Winnow smart meter, which helps chefs cut food waste in half by automatically measuring what gets thrown away, is announcing the completion of its A round funding of $3.3m.

In an oversubscribed round the team also received investment from a number of high profile private investors, all of whom originally backed Winnow at seed round.

Food waste in the hospitality sector is a large and longstanding problem. One third of all food is wasted globally, which costs the hospitality sector an estimated $80bn+ annually.

Winnow says it’s smart meter cuts food waste in half and has already saved its customers $3m per annum.

Winnow has worked with over 200 kitchens since launching in May 2013. The company is working with big name clients such as Compass Group, Accor Hotels and River Cottage Canteens. Clients using Winnow see a 30-60% typical uplift in food profitability by reducing food costs.

Good To Go Food Waste Reduction Launches In Inverness

Pile of composting natural wasteThe Scottish Government’s “Good to Go” scheme, run by Zero Waste Scotland, launches in Inverness and the Highlands today (20 January), following a successful pilot scheme in 2014, which saw an average 42% reduction in food waste per restaurant.

Restaurateurs throughout the region are being urged to sign up to the initiative, which provides free Good to Go boxes for leftovers.

According to Zero Waste Scotland research, two-fifths of diners say they are too embarrassed to ask restaurant staff for a ‘doggy bag’, while three-quarters of those surveyed stated that they would welcome being offered the option.

Environment Secretary Richard Lochhead, said: “I want to see as many food businesses in Scotland as possible signing up to Good to Go, and I very much look forward to seeing more and more restaurants adopting the Good to Go approach – starting with Inverness – as the word spreads.”

Any restaurant or food business of small to medium size in Scotland can apply to sign up to Good to Go and receive a free starter pack.

Sustainability Tops Employee Wish List

DSSmithMore than one in four UK employees want their company to introduce more sustainable policies, according to research from Direct365.

27% of consumers said that any business they deal with needs to have strong corporate social responsibility policies. Direct365’s research also showed that 26% of employees want to see more sustainable processes being introduced by their employers.

As the UK government pledged to reduce harmful emissions by 80% by the year 2050, it is in everyone’s interests to operate in a way that doesn’t damage the environment.

Every business can take simple steps to become more environmentally efficient, starting with policies such as recycling and effectively managing waste, installing automatic lights and switching off appliances when not in use.

Emma Gilroy, Brand Development Manager at Direct365, commented on the research: “Our research shows that businesses simply must take their social and environmental responsibilities seriously if they are to be successful. Even when times are hard for companies, it’s imperative that they don’t lose sight of these things.”


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