Illegal Waste Site Operator Sentenced, Tagged & Curfewed

ea-waste-crime-legal-472x298A landowner who pleaded guilty to the illegal deposit, storage and sorting of waste has been given a 7pm to 7am curfew and has been “electronically tagged”, in addition to receiving a four month suspended sentence.

Paul Woodcock, who operated a site near Sittingbourne, Kent, was given the four month suspended sentence and ordered to pay £2,300 costs after being found guilty of using the site for unauthorised waste deposits to land.

In June 2015, The Environment Agency was made aware that waste was being deposited, treated and disposed of at the site, which did not benefit from an environmental permit or exemption which would authorise these activities. When the site was inspected in July 2015, officers saw piles of house clearance waste, construction and demolition waste, waste tyres and scrap vehicles which still contained polluting liquids and items such as batteries.

The illegal site in Sittingbourne

Mr Woodcock was provided with advice and guidance, and given four weeks to remove all waste from the site. However, by early September 2015, the site remained unchanged from the previous visit. The Environment Agency issued a Notice under s59 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 that required all waste to be removed from The Quarry by early November 2015, but again the site remained unchanged.

Alan Cansdale, Environment Manager at the Environment Agency said: “Mr Woodcock was fully aware that he was not allowed to conduct waste activities on his land, but continued to deposit and store waste whilst ignoring the advice and guidance issued to him by Environment Agency Officers.

“Waste crime can undermine legitimate businesses, so we work closely with businesses to help them comply with the law. In cases like this, where illegal operations put the environment at risk, we have no hesitation in prosecuting those involved. We want to make sure that waste crime doesn’t pay.”

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