Incinerator Will Not Be Considered By Norfolk County Council

Norfolk County councillors have voted to stop the sale of the site where the axed Norfolk energy from waste plant (pictured) was to be built, and have also agreed that an incinerator will not be considered in the future for the site. 

The King’s Lynn site had been reserved for an incinerator to deal with Norfolk’s waste, but the council voted to terminate its waste contract with Cory Wheelabrator on the grounds of failure to secure satisfactory planning permission.

The decision was taken by the Council following an Extraordinary Meeting of the Full Council, and members voted 49 to 29 (with one abstention) in favour of terminating the contract, which centred on the construction of an energy from waste plant close to King’s Lynn in West Norfolk, and which had been at the centre of much debate since the outset.

The cost of terminating the contract is estimated to be £30.26m, comprising capped compensation to the project’s consortium – Cory Wheelabrator – of £20.3m, contractor public inquiry costs of £1.6m and exchange rate and interest rate related costs of £8.36m.

The Secretary of State has still yet to decide whether to grant planning permission for such a plant.

At a meeting this week the council voted not to sell it to any organisation or person planning to build an incinerator.

It also decided it would refrain from selling the site until it was established it was surplus to any future waste strategy requirements.

Any waste plant that will be considered by the council must now be further up the waste hierarchy than incineration.


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