Hubbub Launches Worldwide Anti-Litter Website

07-07-16-Hubbub-neatstreetswebBehaviour change charity Hubbub has today launched a new anti-littering website, designed to aid councils and businesses who are looking for solutions in their fight to tackle litter, and which features best practice anti-litter campaigns from all over the world.

Created through funding from INCPEN – the Industry Council for research on Packaging & the Environment – the site ( includes a user rating system that will enable people to vote and rate projects they like and proved to work. People who have run anti-litter campaigns anywhere in the world can register and submit their project for others to see.

07-07-16-Hubbub-NSWHubbub found that there had been very little collaboration and sharing of best practice on the anti-litter issue, yet a lot of work has been done in this area. Trewin Restorick, Founder and CEO of Hubbub says: “Why reinvent the wheel whilst there is much to be learnt from state of the art campaigns already tried and tested. It is Hubbub’s ethos to give away ideas that have worked and share learnings, we want to provide a platform for others to do the same.”

Examples of successful campaigns featured on the website are ‘Don’t Mess With Texas’ which reduced littering by 34% compared to four years earlier when the programme started, as well as the ‘voting ashtray’ first tested in Villiers Street in London which reduced cigarette litter by 18%.

07-07-16-ballot-bin-from-hubbub-4“The ambition is to create a ‘Trip Advisor’ type site where people will be able to build on the learnings that we have collated,” added Trewin. “Hopefully it will become a place where good ideas can grow and be shared.”

“We are delighted to be supporting this important initiative,” added INCPEN director Jane Bickerstaffe. “Littering is a worldwide problem and one of the best ways of dealing with it is through creating greater awareness of the issue and providing education and advice on how to combat it.

“There are many different groups and organisations involved in anti-littering campaigns. We need to learn from each other’s experiences and share our findings in order to achieve the best results, and this website offers the ideal forum.”



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