Increased Rate Of Landfill Tax Comes Into Effect

15-01-151picChanges to Landfill Tax have come into effect today (1 April), meaning waste firms in England, Wales and Northern Ireland will see an increase in the standard rate from £82.60 to £84.40 per tonne.

The lower rate of Landfill Tax, which applies to less-polluting wastes listed, has also increased to £2.65.

The changes come alongside tougher rules for those eligible to be charged a lower rate for disposal. The lower rate of the Tax will now apply where fines meet a Loss on Ignition (LOI) threshold of 10 percent or less, decreasing from 15 percent today.

Rates in Scotland are also expected to rise in line with the Treasury, following Landfill Tax powers being devolved from the UK in April 2015.

Rules to determine the lower rate of Landfill Tax on inert material in Scotland, however, won’t be applied until October this year.

Scottish Landfill Tax marks one of the first independent tax powers for Scotland in over 300 years.

Wales is also set to have Landfill Tax powers devolved to the country. In April 2018, the country will see Landfill Tax replaced with Landfill Disposals Tax under Wales’s own tax authority.

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