Jersey Put In Two Bids For Guernsey’s Waste

800px-Torsviks_värmekraftverkJersey put in two bids in an effort to take refuse derived fuel (RDF) from Guernsey’s new waste plant.

According to reports by the Guernsey Press, two Jersey companies tendered to take up to 25,000 tonnes of waste a year. The companies were not named.

The deal would have seen waste from Guernsey going to its waste-to-energy plant at La Collette.

The preferred tender, Geminor UK, was announced last week and will see the island’s waste travel 2,326km to the Torsvik power plant in Sweden (pictured).

The environmental impact of the journey is said to be low, because the firm makes use of “dead leg” journeys by vessels. The only difference is they will have a full cargo, instead of returning empty.

Jersey stands to lose out on £400,000 a year if the States supports public services department’s stance.

Guernsey’s plans to build a waste facility with the capacity to process up to 26,000 tonnes of residual waste a year and which would generate RDF for export, were announced earlier this year.

The multi-million pound facility, to be located at Longue Hougue, will also have the capacity to process 4,000 tonnes of food waste and 2,500 tonnes of glass.

It will mean a reduction in the amount of waste landfilled on the island, which is the current method of disposal.

Eighteen companies expressed interest in the tender, which was announced in January.

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