Key Challenges To London’s “Stagnated” Waste Progress To Be Tackled

27-11-13(1)picThe London Assembly’s Environment Committee will today (11 Nov) discuss the key challenges that are hindering its waste and recycling management improvement.

Mayor Boris Johnson has set a target that London should recycle or compost 40 percent of its waste by 2015 and 60 percent by 2031. In order to meet these targets the London Assembly’s Environment Committee will discuss the progress of the Mayor’s plans and outline the biggest challenges to address the shortfall in waste processing facilities in London.

London’s overall recycling rates improved over the past few years but have now stagnated at around 34 percent. 

There are huge variations across the boroughs and while some have improved their rates recently, around half have seen a fall in the amount of waste being recycled or composted.

Assembly members will ask the Mayor’s advisor about this trend and what is being done to help hit his targets.

They will also look at the “recent worrying trend” of waste being sent to incinerators to avoid landfill tax and want to consider the potential of waste to energy schemes within the capital.

The following guests will attend the meeting:

  • Matthew Pencharz, Senior Advisor Environment & Energy, GLA
  • Wayne Hubbard, Chief Executive Officer, The London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB)
  • David Beadle, Managing Director, North London Waste Authority (NLWA) (CIWM President)
  • Ian Davis, Director of Environment, LB Enfield
  • Jacob Hayler, Economist, Environmental Services Association (ESA)
  • Dee Moloney, Managing Director, LRS (a specialist environmental consultancy)

The meeting can also be viewed via webcast.

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