Kickstarter Project To Engage Children With “Eco Heroes” Computer Game

29-05-14(3)picA new breed of super hero is set to inspire a green generation of children to “save planet Earth”, with a Kickstarter project that aims to engage and educate children about recycling and the environment in the form of a computer game.

Created by UK duo Dave Robinson and Stephen Parkinson, the Eco Heroes are a set of characters with the game that show how easy it is to become an Eco Hero and improve the environment where you live.

“Current resources focus on telling children about the environment, rather than inspiring them to find out and do more for themselves”

Using less energy, recycling, walking and cycling more and cutting back on food and other waste are all simple steps that everyone can do.

With their motto, “Who Cares? We Care!” the Eco Heroes inspire children to be like them and do more to look after the Earth.

After over two years of design and development, the Eco Heroes are now set to come to life in their very own computer game.

In the first game “Animal Alert”, the Eco Heroes save animals in danger from environmental disasters such as chemical and oil spills. And in a special twist, the game finale sees the Eco Heroes save the people of New York from storms and floods brought about by climate change.

Launching on crowd-sourcing website, Kickstarter, Dave and Stephen hope to raise enough money to have the Eco Heroes game up and running by early 2015.

Designers of the “Eco Heroes Game, Dave Robinson and Stephen Parkinson

Designer and co-creator of the Eco Heroes, Dave Robinson, said: “Children will be affected by climate change more than anyone else and they hold the key to the future of our planet. Behaviour starts at a young age and the Eco Heroes have been designed to be fun, colourful and exciting so that children want to be and behave like an Eco Hero.

“Once inspired to be Eco Heroes, it’s then second nature for children to want to take greater care of the environment… In turn, this behaviour influences their parents, grand-parents, family and friends so that more and more people become Eco Heroes.  One generation inspiring another!”

Fellow co-creator, Stephen Parkinson added: “Current resources focus on telling children about the environment, rather than inspiring them to find out and do more for themselves. The Eco Heroes fills this gap and engages children on their level so that they want to become Eco Heroes.

“We’ve had an amazing reaction to the Eco Heroes and we are working hard now to raise the funds to make the Animal Alert game a reality. We want the Eco Heroes to be a living library of resources for children, parents teachers and schools so that everyone can learn more about climate change and how to be an Eco Hero.”

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