Man Handed £5,000 Fine Following Prosecution For Fly-Tipping

01-07-14(5)picA man who failed in his duty of care for waste which was eventually fly-tipped has been ordered to pay over £5,000 after a successful prosecution by Vale of White Horse District Council.

Anthony Joyce of Redbridge Hollow near Oxford was employed by a member of the public to remove waste following house renovation work and instead of disposing of it responsibly the waste was fly-tipped at Forest Side in Kennington.

Joyce was fined £2,500, had to pay costs of costs £2719.90 and a victim surcharge of £120, totalling £5,339.90, which sets new heights for this kind of crime in the Vale.

Joyce originally denied involvement in the fly-tip, and while he claimed to know who was responsible, he refused to disclose this information to the council.

Councillor Roger Cox – “We won’t stand for people dumping rubbish illegally like this; it’s unpleasant, antisocial and unacceptable”

He was put through an identification process by Thames Valley Police and was positively identified by the person who originally employed him to remove the waste.

The case was heard on 6 October at Oxford Magistrates Court where Joyce pleaded guilty to failing in his duty of care for the disposal of the waste.

Reinforcing the message that any household waste passed to the wrong people is often fly-tipped, the prosecution shows the district council will take action against anyone who fails in their duty of care to dispose of waste responsibly.

Councillor Roger Cox, cabinet member for health and housing, said: “We won’t stand for people dumping rubbish illegally like this; it’s unpleasant, antisocial and unacceptable.  This case also highlights that anyone disposing of waste needs to go through the correct channels to ensure that the waste does not end of fly tipped as in this case.

“Residents need to ensure that anyone taking waste from their property has a waste carriers licence and that they obtained a receipt with the full details of the person taking the waste, including the registration number of the vehicle used to transport the waste.”


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