MEPs Call For Circular Economy Report Backing Ahead Of Vote

MEPs have urged for the European Parliament to support a draft report that sets out “ambitious” circular economy proposals ahead of an MEP plenary vote this week.

An open letter was sent by the European Environmental Bureau (EEB), a federation of European environmental organisations; De Groene Zaak, a Dutch sustainable business association; and the Aldersgate Group, to MEPs, calling for backing of the a draft report that sets out ecommendations for a number of actions to be included in the European Commission’s revised Circular Economy Package.

“Moving to a more resource efficient economy is a major opportunity for the EU that must not be missed”

Resource efficiency: moving towards a circular economy’, published in June this year, will go to an MEP plenary vote on Wednesday (8 July) in Strasbourg.

Among the recommendations in the draft report is a ban on landfilling recyclable and biodegradable waste by 2025 and increasing municipal recycling targets to at least 70%.

The report also calls for incineration to be limited to non-recyclable and non-biodegradable waste by 2020, and calls for incentives for the uptake of reused or recycled materials and extended producer responsibility requirements at a European level.

It also call for the application of the “pay as you throw” principle.

The Letter In Full

“Dear Members of the European Parliament,

“On 8 July you will be voting in plenary on MEP Sirpa Pietikainen’s report on resource efficiency and the circular economy [1].

“Research for the European Commission suggests that a move towards a more resource efficient economy could create up to two million additional jobs in the EU and €600 billion in net savings for EU citizens and businesses, as well as a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of 2% to 4% annually [2]. The report has already received overwhelming support from all major political groups in the ENVI committee on 17 June, and received firm backing from the employment and industry committees.

“The report sets out an economically and environmentally positive vision for Europe and details concrete measures to create the framework conditions for a transition to a resource efficient economy. It calls for a strong evidence based headline resource efficiency target, for the ecodesign and extended producer responsibility to be reinforced at a European level, and market incentives for the uptake of reuse and recycled materials. It also recommends making the best of the Green Public Procurement leverage, representing nearly 20% of the EU’s GDP. [3]

“We, organisations representing progressive business and environmental NGOs call on you to support the report by voting positively on 8 July 2015 and help create the conditions for a new ambitious, effective and evidence based circular economy package.

“Moving to a more resource efficient economy is a major opportunity for the EU that must not be missed. Producers and the business community have a tremendous role to play, with an increasing number of companies recognising the business case for improved resource efficiency as a way of giving their businesses and the EU as a whole a unique competitive advantage.

“It is high time to create the conditions necessary to make our economy more resource efficient and competitive. This would result in a net increase in employment levels, a reduction of our dependency on imports of materials, and prevent the future costs that a resource inefficient approach would entail in terms of damage to the environment, human health and the economy.

“Thank you for your attention and your supportive vote on 8 July.”

[1] (2014/2208(INI) Resource efficiency: moving towards a circular economy)
[2] The opportunities to business of improving resource efficiency (2013), AMEC et al.
[3] The report by ENVI committee and opinions by Employment and Industry committees can be consulted here

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