Miliband: Environment “Incredibly Important For Our Economy”

Ed Miliband’s Labour conference speech yesterday (23 September) underlined the party’s support for the green economy, announcing no new policy measures but reaffirming a commitment to decarbonising the energy sector by 2020. 

Speaking in Manchester at the last Labour conference before the general election, Miliband revealed his six-point plan for Britain over the next 10 years.

He confirmed green growth would form part of this plan, saying the environment is “incredibly important for our economy”.

He said: “We’re going to commit to taking all of the carbon out of our electricity by 2030.

“We’re going to have a Green Investment Bank with powers to borrow and attract new investment. And as Caroline Flint announced today, we will devolve power and resources to communities so we can insulate 5m homes over the next ten years…

“You see the environment isn’t that fashionable any more in politics as you may have noticed with David Cameron. But it matters. It’s incredibly important for our economy. And there is no more important issue for me when I think about my children’s’ generation and what I can do in politics, than tackling global climate change.”

Miliband – “He’s been found out because he hugged a huskie before an election, and then said ‘cut the Green crap’ after an election”

Speaking ahead of David Cameron’s address to the UN Summit on climate change, Miliband accused the Prime Minister of hypocrisy over environmental issues.

“In this day and age, when people are so cynical about politics, I just think it adds to that cynicism. But here’s the thing. He’s been found out.

“He’s been found out because he hugged a huskie before an election, and then said ‘cut the Green crap’ after an election.”

The speech follows news by Caroline Flint that Labour plans to make energy efficiency a national infrastructure priority.

Friends of the Earth energy campaigner, Donna Hume, commented on Miliband’s speech, saying: “Backing green jobs and energy saving is an excellent start – but in order to build a better future, Labour must now show it is serious about cleaning up Britain’s energy by banning fracking and phasing out coal.”

Environmental Industries Commission, executive director, Matthew Farrow, said: “We strongly welcome Ed Miliband’s public commitment to environmental sustainability, and his pledge to create one million jobs in the environmental technology and services sector – rightly recognising it as a central plank of the UK’s economy.

“Other announced measures such as the decarbonisation of our energy sector, the insulation of five million homes, and a strengthening the Green Investment Bank’s ability to invest, have the potential to be important steps forward in meeting our legislated climate change targets whilst improving our quality of life.

“Should a Labour government be elected in May next year we will expect these words to be turned into action, and will work closely with all stakeholders to see these ambitions delivered.”

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