Minister Announces £240,000 Investment In Gwynedd Recycling

24-05-13-Alun-DaviesMinister for Natural Resources and Food Alun Davies has announced funding for Gwynedd Council to support recycling. 

The council will receive £240,000, which will be used to buy stackable recycling units on a wheeled frame, to provide households with a sturdy, easy to move recycling system. The three stackable boxes on the frame will allow households to separate their recycling, to enable the council to collect high quality, separated recycled materials.

Following a trial, it will be rolled out across Gwynedd to an extra 6,000 households, thanks to this funding.

The decision follows a significant investment by Gwynedd in a new material recycling facility at Caernarfon, allowing the Council to carry out an initial sort of materials collected at kerbside from its 120,000 residents itself.

ECO Plastics announced the long-term partnership with Gwynedd Council yesterday. One of the first of its kind in the country, the agreement will see the company receive all the mixed plastic produced direct from the Council.

Alun Davies – “This funding is designed to support Gwynedd council¹s efforts and to ensure that we continue to see improvements…”

The new streamlined process will require less sorting and will divert more of the council’s tonnage from landfill annually.

At the same time the Council expects to see significant savings and will also be better positioned to comply with the new End Destinations Charter, which encourages local authorities to monitor where their waste will be sent. 

Steffan Jones, senior waste and commissioning manager at Gwynedd Council said: “By processing the material ourselves rather than through a waste management company, this deal creates a new revenue stream from what was previously a cost – not just financially, but also environmentally.

“The income from our contract with ECO Plastics, savings in waste management company fees and landfill tax, increase in recycling rates and ability to comply with the End Destinations Charter, presents genuine a win-win-win-win scenario for the residents of Gwynedd.

Alun Davies said: “The Welsh Government is committed to zero waste going to landfill by 2050, which requires high quality recyclable material, which has been separated to prevent materials being contaminated.  This funding is designed to support Gwynedd council¹s efforts and to ensure that we continue to see improvements.

“Householders and councils are working hard to meet ambitious Welsh Government recycling targets, and I thank them for their efforts.”

This funding is part of the Welsh Government’s investment of £11.5m over three years to improve recycling across Wales through the Collaborative Change Programme.

The Programme is open to all Welsh local authorities and provides specialist advice to help them to achieve recycling targets with efficient services, within their financial means.

Last year Wales reached its statutory target of recycling 52 percent of waste collected and the next recycling target is 58 percent of waste collected by local authorities in 2015/16

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