Minister Pledges Wales’ Commitment To The Circular Economy

Carl_Sargeant-ciwm-waste-crimeMinister for Natural Resources Carl Sergeant (pictured) has pledged his commitment to developing a more circular economy in Wales through the Welsh Government’s waste strategy.

In his Written Statement, issued today (4 March), on “Achieving a more circular economy for Wales’, the Minister explained what action Wales will be taking and how this links to the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act.

The Minister for Natural Resources said: “There are significant economic and job creation benefits through moving towards a more circular economy. Wales has a huge opportunity to take the lead and innovate – we have already made an excellent start by being top of the UK recycling league, and fourth in Europe.

“We need to build on this success, and work in partnership across the whole production and consumption supply chain. Ensuring the separate collection of high quality recycling wherever people are – at work, rest and play – will be vital to Wales’ success. The Environment Bill will help achieve this. The benefits will be huge. We must grasp them by putting in the necessary effort to change.”

The Welsh Government’s Towards Zero Waste strategy, published in 2010, effectively sets Wales on a path towards a more circular economy. It re-emphasised the goal of using the equivalent of one planet’s worth of resources by 2050.

Studies have estimated that the benefits to Wales of achieving a more circular economy have identified potential economic savings of over £2 billion each year and job creation of up to 30, 000. This would be a fantastic benefit to the Welsh economy and would ensure that our Future Generations are at the heart of our decision-making.

“Last year, we awarded grant funding to partner organisations who will deliver waste programmes within Wales. This funding will help improve the quality of recyclate available and will move Wales to become more circular.”

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Darrel Moore

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