MP’s Criticism Of Missed Collections Leads To Action

Wealden-logoFollowing the introduction of a new recycling service, Wealden District Council has failed to address residents’ concerns about a lack of collections, according to Liberal Democrat MP for Polegate, Norman Baker.

Baker had stated that the council was still failing to meet residents’ concerns up to eight weeks after the service began, despite assurances that the situation would be dealt with in that time period, although a “catch up collection service” has since been scheduled.

Local newspaper, the Eastbourne Herald, reported Baker as saying: “It is simply unacceptable that weeks after problems were identified, local residents are still facing problems with their bin collection.

“It has been many weeks since the changeover and my constituents in Polegate and Alfriston have seen little improvement in their situation. Furthermore, the many complaints this issue is producing daily have now clogged up many of the means of contact with Wealden and this is leading to further problems as residents struggle to have other issues addressed.”

“This whole fiasco has gone on long enough, Wealden has made many promises but we now need to see real actions and solutions. I hope that ultimately, this new service does bring about a more efficient and greener refuse collection, but currently this seems a long way off with many hurdles to overcome before this vision is a reality.”

The waste contractor, Kier Environmental, began the new service in July and it is reported that “catch up collections” will have now taken place.

The Council was re[ported to have claimed a 95 percent collection rate under the new bi-weekly system, which still left thousands of households with no collections.

Source: The Eastbourne Herald


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