New Service Almost Doubles Recycling In Tandridge

02-05-13(2)A new recycling and refuse collection service, introduced by Biffa for Tandridge District Council, has resulted in the authority almost doubling its recycling rate in just six months.

The Council reported that the new service also allowed it to reduce waste going to disposal by a third and saw the recycling and composting rate rising to 63 percent from its initial 33 percent, a performance that would elevate it into the top 10 of Defra’s local authority recycling league table for 2011-12.

Roger Edwards – “This is a stunning performance that puts Tandridge among the best in England.”

Among the key statistics since the launch of the service last October are:

  • 4700 tonnes of dry waste being captured
  • 1500 tonnes of food waste being captured
  • waste going to disposal falling from 9700 tonnes to 6300
  • cost savings of more than £500,000 to date

The results of the new service to date were described by Paul Barton, the Council’s deputy director of community services, as “no mean feat” and he thanked Tanbridge’s residents for embracing the new service and helping save money.

Roger Edwards, director of Biffa’s municipal division, added: “This is a stunning performance that puts Tandridge among the best in England. I’m very proud of the role that Biffa has played in this achievement – and humbled by t way residents have responded”.

The changes in service have been the first in 20 years for the Council and have seen weekly collections of refuse sacks and collection of a limited range of kerbside sorted dry recyclables replaced by an alternate weekly kerbside collection of fully commingled dry recyclables from wheeled bins, increasing the range of items that residents can now recycle.


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