News In Brief: Food Waste, HWRC Planning, And Waste Crime

Sodexo Welcomes Lords’ Food Waste Report

07-11-13(1)picWorld-wide services company, Sodexo, has welcomed a House of Lords EU committee report calling for urgent action on food waste in Europe.

Among recommendations made by the House of Lords committee in response to EU plans to reduce food waste across member states, was a clear message to not let the complexity of food waste monitoring and definitions delay action.

Paul Bracegirdle, environmental manager at Sodexo, who gave evidence to the committee, said: “We welcome this report as it takes on board our comments about the importance of standardising how food waste is defined and monitored across the board. Only when everyone in the industry is working to the same guidelines will we get consistency, and achieve a significant, coordinated reduction in food waste, which is central to Sodexo’s global sustainability strategy the Better Tomorrow Plan.

“We fully support the report’s recommendations that the UK Government should work closely with WRAP to ensure food waste prevention measures are maintained.

“We are already engaged with the FUSIONS project at an EU level, and support the report’s recommendations that the project be closely monitored by the European Commission to ensure targets are met.”

Baroness Scott of Neeham Market, chairman of the sub-committee that conducted the inquiry, said: “We cannot allow the complexity of the issues around defining and monitoring food waste to delay action any further. We are calling on the new European Commission, which will be appointed in November this year, to publish a five year strategy for reducing food waste across the EU, and to do so within six months of taking office.”


90 Percent Of Tradesmen Refuse To Recycle

10-04-14(1)Virtually all of Britain’s hundreds of thousands of traders have broken the law at least once when it comes to disposing of work-related rubbish, claims

As many as nine out of ten of the UK’s army of “white van men” have taken refuse from a job home and put it in their own domestic bin rather than legally disposing of it as trade waste. conducted an anonymous survey of workmen and found they’ve cut corners to save cash on dumping rubbish.

“We already knew that many workmen take the odd chance on avoiding trade waste fees,” said spokesman Mark Hall, “But we didn’t realise that is was quite so widespread.”

An anonymous phone poll of over 300 traders who were prepared to give an honest reply to our survey team’s questions found:

  • 91 percent had disposed of work-related waste in their domestic bins at least once
  • 73 percent had disposed of work-related waste in their clients’ bins
  • 27 percent still dispose of work-related waste in their domestic bins
  • 22 percent had burned waste rather than dispose or recycle it
  • 12 percent had fly-tipped waste illegally

Of those who had disposed of waste illegally:

  • 63 percent said it was because it was more convenient than taking it to a tip or recycling centre
  • 37 percent said it was to avoid paying trade waste fees


Green Light For Liverpool’s Old Swan Recycling Centre

10-04-14(1)pic2Liverpool is to get a new £1.4m Household Waste Recycling Centre after city planners gave Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority the go-ahead to the Old Swan scheme.

The Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) off Cheadle Avenue in Old Swan will provide badly needed facilities for the north of the city and relieve pressure on the Otterspool site in Aigburth – currently the only HWRC within the Liverpool City Council boundary.

It will be equipped to collect a wide range of household materials for recycling, including: car batteries, cardboard, engine oil, garden waste, paper, furniture, rubble, scrap metal, textiles, drinks cans, timber, glass and soil.

Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority (MRWA) Chairperson Councillor Graham Morgan said: “The Old Swan Recycling Centre is a badly needed facility and is good news for residents in the north of the city because they will now have a much shorter drive to recycle their unwanted items.”

MRWA chief executive Carl Beer said: “This is great news. Liverpool has needed a second HWRC for years ­ both to relieve pressure on the existing site in Otterspool and to make sure we are doing everything we can to increase the city¹s overall recycling rates.”

Work on the Old Swan site is due to get underway this summer. The new site should be operational by early next year.


Travis Perkins To Ensure Its Surplus Stock Avoids The Skip

10-04-14(1)pic2Travis Perkins, the UK’s local timber and builder’s merchant, has united with Recipro to support the online exchange company’s efforts to direct surplus stock and any re-usable materials from customer sites to worthy causes.

According to Travis Perkins, the objective of this partnership is to not only reduce wastage and improve environmental practices, but to support the community projects Recipro works with on a daily basis.

The UK construction industry generates 90m tonnes of waste per annum with fourteen percent of this waste comprising of stock, which is never used and simply disposed of.

Recipro was launched to provide a link between these unwanted materials and the community projects which desperately need them. Through the help of Travis Perkins branches and identified construction sites, Recipro will now be collecting donations to make available through its reuse centres in Wirral, London, Cardiff, and shortly Swansea, and via its website.

John Leader, Head of Waste Management Solutions at Travis Perkins, commented: “Waste disposal continues to be a hot button topic within the industry and we are always striving for new and innovative ways to reduce our wastage. Working closely with Recipro has allowed us to not only reduce our landfill costs but also gives us the peace of mind that surplus materials are going towards worthwhile causes such as community groups, charities and schools.”


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