NLWA And Hubbub Tackle Throw-Away Fashion Culture

Clothes on rail_RefashionEastBehaviour change charity, Hubbub, and North London Waste Authority (NLWA) have joined forces in a “re-fashion” experiment to encourage people to refresh and upcycle their wardrobe.

The campaign addresses the serious issues of our throw-away fashion culture, epitomised in the post Christmas January sales, according to Hubbub.

Councillor Clyde Loakes, chair of North London Waste Authority – “It is estimated that £1200 worth of clothes currently sit in each UK home that are completely forgotten about”

The charity says that by encouraging people to upcycle their clothes and “re-fashion” them, or swap something that they no longer want, it’s a great way to create a new wardrobe without breaking the bank or creating more textile waste.

To kick off the campaign it will be Rags Revival will be hosting clothes swapping workshops at a series of low cost and clothes swapping boutiques across London.

“Now is the perfect time of year to rid your wardrobe of the unworn clothes and pick up something new,” Hubbub said. “Our message is simple, if you’ve got clothes you no longer wear or have never worn don’t reject them, #refashion them!”

Fashion Throw-Away facts:

  • round a 1/3 of the clothing in our wardrobes has not been worn in the last year, according to research from resource experts WRAP
  • underused clothes lurking in our wardrobes are worth around £30bn in the UK
  • looking after your clothes for 9 months longer than usual will reduce each item’s carbon, waste and water footprint by 20-30%, according to WRAP
  • on average we own four times as many clothes as we did 30 years ago
  • in the UK we throw away a staggering 7 tonnes of clothing every ten minutes.

Gavin Ellis, Founder of Hubbub, the UK’s leading behaviour change charity, said: “Whilst the January sale madness offers a fast fashion fix to some, others are experiencing a dose of the January blues.

“After Christmas, our wallets are empty and the likelihood is we’ve ended up with presents we don’t want or need. The prospect of more shopping fills many of us with dread.  January is a great time to make new resolutions, to start new ways of doing things, and learn new skills. So come along to the workshop with your friends and have some fun.”

Councillor Clyde Loakes, chair of North London Waste Authority, said: “It is estimated that £1200 worth of clothes currently sit in each UK home that are completely forgotten about. These workshops will help teach you new ways to deal with forgotten clothing and teach you some skills which could help you transform them, reinventing your wardrobe which ultimately will save you money.

“These events and workshops form part of North London Waste Authority’s wider programme of work to reduce the amount of waste produced across north London – if everyone could make one change in just one area of your home, it can make a huge different to your pocket and to the environment.

“So I am encouraging you to make a change today and think about textiles differently.  Head along to one of the events or workshops to find out more.”

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