Norfolk Prepares For Its “Recycling Revolution”

30-09-14-Norfolk-recyclingAs of tomorrow (Wednesday 1 October) Norfolk residents will be able to recycle glass bottles and jars in their normal recycling bin as part of a new scheme which covers seven local authorities.

The service will be delivered by Norfolk Environmental Waste Services (NEWS), a subsidiary of Norse Waste Solutions, and covers those councils in the Norfolk Waste Partnership: Breckland DC, Broadland DC, Great Yarmouth BC, Kings Lynn & West Norfolk BC, North Norfolk DC, Norwich City and South Norfolk DC, making it one of the largest such commingled systems in the country.

Cllr John Fisher, Chair of the Norfolk Waste Partnership, explained: “Norfolk councils are all working together to revolutionise recycling… The ability to recycle glass bottles and jars by putting them in the kerbside recycling bins is something that residents have told us they want.

“In negotiating the new contract for the materials recycling facility, we made this a requirement and NEWS have made the necessary investment in the latest technology to make this possible. Glass bottles and jars can be mechanically sorted from the rest of the recycling ensuring that the value of the various materials is retained and that the latest legislation on mixed collections is complied with.”

“It is great news for residents as it will be more convenient to recycle than ever before.  All we ask is that food and drink residue is rinsed from the bottles and jars before they are placed in the recycling bin.”

In addition to glass bottles and jars, residents will be able to recycle plastic food pots trays and tubs and cartons such as those used for soups and juices, shredded paper, envelopes, foil and foil trays along with all the plastic bottles, card, paper and cans that can already be recycled at the kerbside.


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