Natural Resources Wales To Use Thermal Imaging To Identify Fire Risks

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) have purchased a new thermal imaging camera to help it identify fire risks at waste sites before they happen following a recent increase in waste fires as a result of self-combustion.

The new thermal imaging camera will allow NRW officers to identify self-combustion risks and advise waste operators on the necessary steps to lower that risk.

It explains that self-combustion happens when a heat source is created within a waste pile. This is usually the result of a chemical reaction while the waste decomposes. Fires that start this way are hard to put out because the source of the fire is usually buried within the waste.

Gareth Davies, Senior Environment Officer for NRW, said: “Protecting communities and the environment that surrounds them is essential for us and part of doing that means making sure our waste is managed safely and correctly.

“Waste fires are a danger to the environment and to public health and this new tool will give us an extra edge in preventing them.

“It’s great that technology can bring these advantages to us and we’re looking forward to using the thermal imaging camera as part of our site inspections.”


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