Opinion Split On Whether edoc Should Be Made Mandatory

29-01-14(2)picThe results of a CIWM Journal Online survey show that opinion is split as to whether Electronic Duty of Care (edoc) should be made mandatory.

In response to Efra’s enquiry into waste management in England, CIWM says that in the face of poor data and forecasting of wastes produced and how they are managed, UK governments need to co-operate in development of the Waste Duty of Care and the data collected through it.

CIWM suggested that edoc should be made mandatory.

edoc is a free online system that will save UK businesses time and money by transforming the way they record the waste they produce.

It is expected to save organisations across the country a combined total of £8m a year by providing a modern electronic alternative to burdensome paperwork.

All UK businesses are required to produce waste transfer notes, which describe their waste and who they pass it on to.

edoc aims to replace the current paper-based system, which requires around 50m waste transfer notes to be stored in filing cabinets across the UK.

Chris Murphy, CIWM – “CIWM remains convinced that the advantages of edoc are substantial and we must do more to inform companies of the benefits”

These need to be kept for a minimum of two years – and around 23m are produced every year.

CIWM Journal Online asked visitors to the site whether they thought edoc should be made mandatory.

54 percent of respondents said “yes”, while 46 percent said “no”.

CIWM deputy chief executive Chris Murphy said: “While we are pleased that the majority of those who responded to the poll thought edoc should be made mandatory, it could have been a more convincing proportion/percentage.

“Perhaps we need to do more work to convince the business community of the benefits of edoc.

“The figures may also be a response from what is an already heavily regulated industry that they do not want more.

“CIWM remains convinced that the advantages of edoc are substantial and we must do more to inform companies of the benefits.”

The CIWM Journal Online opinion poll is now asking whether our visitors believe the UK is on target to reach the EU target of recycling 50 percent by 2020. Have your say on our HOMEPAGE.


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