Q4 Packaging Data Shows Encouraging Results

PRN-dataThe Environment Agency (EA) has released provisional 2015 Q4 packaging data, showing most materials met their targets. 

The data, which was published earlier than scheduled and which is yet to be confirmed, shows plastics, paper and steel saw a jump in the latter weeks of 2015. “Glass other” and “EfW (Recovery)”, however, did not.

Plastics saw a significant increase in performance compared to the three previous quarters of last year following price fluctuations. In Q3 the total PRNs/PERNs issued totaled 208,359, which jumped to 318,375 in Q4.

Paper also saw a strong Q4 with a total of 1,142,330 PRNs/PERNs issued, a jump from 924,716 in Q3.

Steel saw a stronger performance than Q3, but the first two quarters were largely responsible for the end of year position. Total PRNs/PERNs issued in Q4 were 110,059.

Aluminium saw a strong performance in both Q3 (19,221) and Q4 (28,361), and wood continued its good performance (105,445).

It was expected that energy from waste (EfW) would end the year below the target, but due to more sites becoming R1 accredited the data improved throughout the year, although the target was missed for 2015. Total PRNs/PERNs for Q4 were 189,788. Glass other Q4 were 119,254.

For the full data CLICK HERE

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