Procter & Gamble Sites Achieve Zero Manufacturing Waste To Landfill

19-11-13(3)picProcter & Gamble Company has released its 15th annual Sustainability Report, revealing that 8 of its sites across the UK and Ireland now send zero manufacturing waste to landfill.

The report includes P&G’s sustainability results from the past fiscal year and progress updates on the Company’s environmental and social responsibility goals for 2020.

P&G serves approximately 4.8bn people around the world with its brands, which include: Ambi Pur, Ariel, Crest, Fairy, Febreze, Head & Shoulders, Mach3, Olay, Oral-B, Pampers and Pantene.

Len Sauers, vice president of sustainability at P&G, said: “Every day, we’re inspired to develop innovative products that help people live more sustainably, while delivering cost savings through operational eco-efficiencies.”

The report shares specific progress in P&G’s sustainability focus areas, which include: conservation of resources, renewable resources and worth from waste.

This year, P&G reported absolute reductions in waste, water, CO2 and energy – all four of the Company’s major manufacturing footprints.

Finding Worth in Waste

Over the past fiscal year, more than 99.35 percent of all materials entering P&G plants were beneficially used in products and through recycling, re-use, and conversion of waste to energy. Additionally, more than 50 of the Company’s global sites now send zero manufacturing waste to landfill, including every site in Germany. Since 2010, P&G has reduced manufacturing waste by 56 percent per unit of production – more than double the Company’s original goal.

To reduce waste at its manufacturing plants and distribution centers, P&G employs a dedicated global team of experts. The GARP team (Global Asset Recovery Purchases) has expertise in creating value from waste.

The GARP team is charged with finding external partners who can turn waste and non-performing inventory into something useful.

P&G sends less than one percent of all materials entering P&G sites to landfill. In 2007, the Company announced it’s first plant to achieve zero manufacturing waste to landfill in Budapest. Today, 45 sites worldwide have achieved that status, and P&G is on a journey for all sites to eventually reach zero manufacturing waste to landfill.

“All of these efforts mark significant progress through partnerships toward helping make every day better for people and the planet,” said Sauers. “We look forward to deepening our existing partnerships and forging new ones as we work toward our goals and the future of 7 billion people.”

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