Product Weight Protocol Introduced For Furniture Reuse Organisations

furniture-reuse-FRNA Product Weight Protocol (PWP) has been introduced by the Furniture Re-use Network (FRN) to help charities, local authorities and private reuse organisations meet the compliance requirements of the WEEE regulations. 

The FRN has been working closely with UK Regulators on the third edition of the FRN PWP to ensure that around 200 consumer products’ average weights are up to date. In comparison to now, average product weights from the previous 2009 edition are vastly different, it says.

This data has been sanctioned by UK regulatory bodies as being acceptable for use for compliance purposes and will be available from November 1 2015 for use in 2016.

FRN – “The recognition of the PWP by regulatory bodies and the work required by us to keep the list updated has obliged us to formalise the agreement and request a fee paid for usage”

Now that the PWP will be widely used by a variety of organisations, the FRN is required to formalise the arrangement. As of November 1, the PWP, formally known as the FRN Average Weights List, will now require the purchase of an annual licence from the FRN.

The licence is agreed with and recognised by UK regulators who will be checking PWP licences whilst carrying out their inspections on UK reuse and recycling operations.

Craig Anderson, FRN CEO said “We have been working with Reuse Operators to compile the PWP for the past five months and would like to thank them for their invaluable input. Since 2003, when we initially created the list to support our members, we have seen the use of PWP grow and new organisations within the waste and resource sectors utilise it.

“The recognition of the PWP by regulatory bodies and the work required by us to keep the list updated has obliged us to formalise the agreement and request a fee paid for usage. The fee will allow us at the FRN to maintain the PWP to a high standard and will assist our continued work as a charity to support those living in poverty through the important act of reuse.”

Licence Details

The annual licence allows the use of the FRN PWP from January 1 2016 – December 31st 2016.

The FRN require the completion of the Expression of Interest form (download the form here or email to carry out necessary checks on the organisation to determine the fee and use of the FRN’s data held in the PWP.

An invoice and final licence agreement will be sent out. On receipt of payment and the completed licence agreement the PWP data will be delivered and use can commence.

Licence Fees

Licence fees are based upon the individual organisation and the type of use of the PWP data. The FRN PWP will be available to all FRN members as part of their annual membership fee.

Multi-user and distributor fees are conditional and calculated according to information provided by the licensee.

Monitoring the FRN PWP Licence

The FRN PWP is formally accepted and recognised by UK Regulators. FRN will periodically provide regulators with a list of current licence holders in order for checks to be carried out.

The FRN and the regulators have been working closely on the development and launch of the FRN PWP and annual licence, and will continue to work together to ensure that the correct version of the PWP is being used and that organisation licences are valid.  Failure to provide a current licence agreement will be reported to FRN and the organisation dealt with accordingly.

The FRN will be carrying out periodic inspections of the licensee’s use of FRN PWP.

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