REA’s David Collins Elected to European Biogas Association

24-01-14-REA-biogasThe Renewable Energy Association’s Head of Biogas, David Collins, has been elected to become an Executive Member of the Board of the European Biogas Association (EBA).

David Collins (furthest right in the picture) said: “It is an honour to be elected to the EBA Board. The UK biogas sector is still young and has a lot to learn from our European colleagues with much more mature biogas markets. However, our policy experience, especially with the world’s first Renewable Heat Incentive, means we have a lot to offer as well. I look forward to working closely with my new colleagues to help the UK and our neighbours maximise the economic and environmental value of anaerobic digestion for electricity, heating, transport fuel and fertiliser.”

EBA President Dr. Jan Štambaský (pictured in the centre), who was elected to succeed Dr Arthur Wellinger as President of the EBA at the General Assembly last week, said:  “It is a great commitment to take on the EBA presidency after five years on the Executive Board. The European biogas industry is facing ever more and ever greater challenges. In some countries the technology is still emerging. In others the industry is growing rapidly. And yet others are facing the risk of established support schemes shutting down. All of these development stages are equally important for our work and supporting our members countries’ needs.

“I would also like to welcome David Collins, our new Executive Board member, who has been elected to join our team. I am sure his experience and his background in the UK biogas industry will strengthen the EBA. I look forward to working with David and other colleagues on our new Board.”


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