Recycling Service Improves, Despite Spending Cuts, Says Survey

recycling-collectionA survey seeking opinions on the quality of public services over the last five years, despite government spending cuts, has shown that recycling collection has IMPROVED.

The poll, conducted by ICM, surveyed over 1,000 people on the quality of public services, ranging from GP services, schools and colleges, to street lighting, road maintenance and street cleaning.

Asked to say whether they felt the services had improved, stayed the same or got worse during the budget cuts of there last five years, recycling collection was the service with the greatest improvement, with 48% seeing an improvement and just 12% claiming it had got worse – a +36% score.

Chris Murphy, CIWM – “Councils should be congratulated particularly for their recycling effort. To have such a high public satisfaction rating against a backdrop of cuts in public spending is exceptional.”

Refuse collection services also saw a plus score, of just 6% (29% improvement and 23% worsening), while street cleaning suffered a 2% negative score (19% improvement and 21% worsening).

The next highest scoring services after recycling collection were parks and open space. leisure centres and schools and colleges, but all were significantly lower than the +36% score. Bottom of the list was road maintenance with a -55% score; 66% saying standards had decreased.

CIWM’s deputy chief executive, Chris Murphy commented: “Councils should be congratulated on these results, particularly for their recycling efforts. To have such a high public satisfaction rating against a backdrop of cuts in public spending is exceptional.

“However, further reduction in spending in this sector will ultimately affect target achievement and customer satisfaction. These results appear to run contrary to some of the sensationalist headlines about recycling and refuse collection services that we have seen of late, and we are pleased that the recycling and collection services are getting the recognition they deserve.”


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