REPIC Calls On Schools To “Pass On” Responsible Recycling

25-05-16-repic-storyProducer compliance scheme, REPIC, has selected nine schools to take part in its new “Responsible Recycling” campaign… a story book writing activity called “Pass it On”.

Featuring REPIC’s mascots, R3PIC – a robot made out of end of life electrical products and his battery sidekick Amp, Year Four classes from participating schools have each been asked to write a chapter of the story, before passing it on to the next school. This epic recycling adventure, will be made into an illustrated story book when the campaign ends later this year.

Irk Valley Community School in Manchester kicked-off with an intriguing chapter one. Passing it on to St Norbert’s Primary School in North Lincs, followed by Balgreen Primary School in Edinburgh, then Abraham Moss Community School in Manchester. Now on its sixth chapter, which is being written by children from St Patrick’s CE Primary in Solihull, the story book will be passed on to three other schools before Bradford Academy write the concluding chapter for this epic adventure.

The project was launched after a survey conducted by REPIC showing that 47% of consumers didn’t know how to correctly dispose of their used electricals, but overwhelmingly they wanted to do the right thing.

Dr Philip Morton, CEO of REPIC said: “The main aim of the campaign is to educate children on recycling issues from a young age. Children are the ambassadors of the future for recycling and are key in spreading the message to parents and carers. Our ‘Responsible Recycling’ campaigns are all about increasing consumer awareness, as we find that people generally want to ‘do the right thing’ when it comes to recycling. By increasing awareness we have found there’s a natural link – if you increase awareness you increase recycling.”

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