Rochdale Council Give Green Light For Three-Weekly Collections

From 20 October 2015 Rochdale Council will be introducing a new waste and recycling collection service that will see residents’ residual waste collected every three weeks. 

The new service is aimed at saving the council £1m a year, by recycling more, and will help towards the £37m savings it needs to make over the next two years.

In 2014 the council recycled 34.5% and has set a target to recycle 45% by 2017.

The changes will also see the introduction of a weekly food waste collection, where residents will receive a free kitchen caddy and compostable bags.

Switching to three-weekly collections of residual waste is a trend that is picking up pace among councils that need to both reduce outgoings and increase recycling.

The first to make the switch to three-weekly collections in England was Bury council last year.

The Council recently announced the borough’s household recycling rate is now 57.5%, a marked increase of more than 10% since the system of three-weekly non-recyclable collections.

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