Routemap Launched To Help Councils Assess TEEP Compliance


A Waste Regulations Routemap has today (22 April) been unveiled to support local authorities in assessing their compliance with waste regulations. 

The Routemap aims to help local authorities navigate their obligations from January 2015 and has been developed as a resource for local government.

The Routemap was unveiled by a working group comprising members of local authority waste networks (coordinated through the Waste Network Chairs), the London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB) and WRAP.

The Route Map provides important information on the regulations relevant to separate collections of recyclable waste.

The document is not guidance, according to the working group, but instead addresses the key questions that local authorities will need to consider when considering whether or not their service meets these requirements and, where necessary, in assessing TEEP (Technically, Environmentally and Economically Practicable).

Lyn Carpenter, working group Chair – “The Routemap gives local authorities the tools to make their own decision regarding their obligations under the Waste Regulations from January 2015″

The Routemap has been published in response to Defra announcing that it would not issue further guidance.

The Routemap was funded by LWARB and the waste networks and the preparation was assisted by Eunomia Research and Consulting Ltd. As part of its development the Routemap was peer reviewed by 20 English local authorities.

The authorities attended as ambassadors for their authority type and represented the broad mix of current service provision and authority type, as well a being a mix of urban and rural authorities. The review tested whether authorities understood the implications of the Regulations and how they would apply the Routemap to their own service.

Chair of the working group, Lyn Carpenter, said: “The Routemap was prepared by local authorities for local authorities. It is a resource for local government and is not guidance. The Routemap gives local authorities the tools to make their own decision regarding their obligations under the Waste Regulations from January 2015.

“It provides an approach that can be used by any local authority and should help individual authorities avoid ‘reinventing the wheel’ in having to develop their own approach.

“We are delighted that the Routemap has been welcomed by the CIWM. It is testament to the collaborative and inclusive way in which it was developed.”

Linda Crichton, head of resource management at WRAP said: “The Route Map provides useful information to help local authorities understand the requirements of the Waste Regulations. The Waste Networks Chairs and LWARB are to be commended for taking the initiative forward. We hope this will be a great source of information for local authorities”.


CIWM has welcomed this initiative to help local authorities assess their collections against the requirements in the regulations.

“In the absence of official Defra guidance, this ‘Routemap’ could be a useful support tool for local authorities when assessing whether their collection arrangements satisfy the legal requirements and to assist with future decision-making,” says CIWM’s chief executive Steve Lee. “It offers the opportunity for local authorities to carry out their assessments in a consistent way that will stand up to scrutiny, and a common framework for those who wish to work together and share approaches.

“Waste collection and recycling is going through a period of change and uncertainty and it is unusual for support of this kind not to come from Government, given the strategic importance of the issues involved and the potentially far reaching consequences. In moving forward, it is important that we work as collaboratively as possible, ensure that the good work of councils and the industry in the last decade is not undermined, and maintain the public’s confidence in recycling.”

“CIWM will now be consulting with its members on the Route Map to explore the implications of the regulations more fully in the light of practical application and experience.”

A full copy of the Waste Regulations Routemap and the appendices can be found here

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