Sainsbury’s Awards Swadlincote £1m To Become Waste Pioneers

DSC_0733_tcm21-273279Sainsbury’s has announced Swadlincote as the “test town” to trial initiatives to discover the most effective ways to reduce household food waste. 

The Waste Less, Save More initiative searched for one UK town to benefit from £1m investment and become the “test bed” for innovation to discover which initiatives are most effective in reducing household food waste.

The small market town in South Derbyshire will embark on a year-long project to test some of the most innovate ideas and technology to reduce waste in the town, as part of a £10m investment over the next five years to help households across the UK reduce waste.

A total of 189 towns and cities submitted over 1,000 innovative waste-saving ideas, involving 500+ community groups. These include the Women’s Institute, Brownies and Scouts, councillors, financial advisory groups, independent food producers and even one Masterchef winner from Bradford-on-Avon, in a bid to become waste-pioneers.

Sainsbury’s CEO Mike Coupe – “Food waste is one of society’s biggest environmental issues at the moment and there is a genuine passion across the UK to tackle it”

The town will become the innovation hub for residents to trial and test a series of innovative ideas and ground-breaking new technologies with the aim of reducing the town’s waste by 50%, 15 years ahead of the UN’s Global Sustainability Goal.

Achieving the goal could see the average family household slash their annual food waste bill from £700 to £350, with Swadlincote families collectively saving a whopping £1,168,650 a year. And if learnings are adopted across the country, UK households could potentially save a staggering £9.345nn collectively.

The project is also focused on making these reductions sustainable in the long-term. Swadlincote’s residents will be encouraged to get involved with entertaining activities such as a residential street competing against each other to save on waste.

Waste Reduction

Some of the initiatives that may be coming Swadlincote’s way are a search for the most food efficient residents and a quest to find the best soup recipes made from the most commonly thrown away foods through to help from the Menu Magicians and trialling of innovations such as an artificial noses to help sniff out food that is still perfectly edible.

Sainsbury’s CEO Mike Coupe, said: “When we set out in search of a town in September we never thought we’d get the overwhelming response and enthusiasm that we’ve seen from Swadlincote and hundreds of other applications.  Food waste is one of society’s biggest environmental issues at the moment and there is a genuine passion across the UK to tackle it.

“We know that above all our customers care about reducing waste while saving money which is why we’ve pledged a £10 million to invest in reducing store and household waste across the UK over the next five years.

“We know this is a bold initiative and with the help of the residents of Swadlincote we look forward to getting started in January.”

Trewin Restorick, Hubbub Founder and CEO: “Going through the applications for Waste Less Save More I was amazed to see how much the British public wants to do to cut food waste.  The level of passion and commitment shown by the Swandlicote community amazed us as judges and I think they are a great starting point in Sainsbury’s ambitious project to reduce household waste in communities across the UK.”

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