Sainsbury’s Leads The Way By Recycling Food Crates

30-07-14-sainsbury-cratesSainsbury’s has become the first UK retailer to recycle its old food crates and turn them into 100 percent recycled new ones, after it partnered with Schoeller Allibert in what it claims is a first for the UK.

The old crates will not only be recycled, but they will turned into more efficient food creates made from 100 percent recycled material, a process that it says will significantly reduce empty crate transport and therefore the number of road journeys needed to transport crates back to suppliers.

Sainsbury’s explained that around 2m old crates are ground down into plastic flakes, which are washed and dried and then used to form new 100 percent recycled food safe crates by Schoeller Allibert. It also means that the new crates are standardised and stack together more efficiently, making the whole transport chain more efficient – creating transport volume reduction for suppliers. Importantly, they also meet European Food Safety Authority Standards.

Simon Stokoe, Senior Strategy Manager for Sainsbury’s Supply Chain said: “This piece of work was not only about making the right decision for Sainsbury’s from an efficiency perspective – it was also about making sure we did it sustainably. A win win.”

Simon Moulson, Head of Retail Sales for Schoeller Allibert added: “Schoeller Allibert’s EFSA-approved recycling and remoulding process has been developed to help retailers meet increasing stringent sustainability targets as well as strict food safety and hygiene standards.”



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