Scrapyard Fire Leaves 3,000 Homes In Glasgow Without Power

Credit: @FionaMacKellar

3,000 homes in Glasgow were left without power yesterday (Sunday 5 March) evening after a fire broke out at a scrapyard and involved a Scottish Power building. 

The fire at Japanese Autoparts, in Helen Street, near Ibrox stadium, broke out at about 16:30 GMT on Sunday and sent a huge plume of smoke over the city.

According to reports by BBC News, Scottish Power said one of its buildings had been involved in the fireand power had been shut off in the area as fire crews assessed the damage.

Power was restored to customers at 21:50, the firm said.

Around 50 firefighters tackled the blaze and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service announced this morning that the fire was ongoing, but had been reduced.

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service’s deputy assistant chief officer, Peter Heath, yesterday told the BBC: “At the moment we still have a significant attendance at this fire.

“Firefighters are currently engaged in a fire that has engulfed a building which is approximately 100 metres by 40 metres with a large yard in the back full of tyres which have been involved in the fire.”

He added: “At one side of the building that is on fire is an electrical substation which supplies a significant part of Glasgow and Govan area and at the other side there is a large storage facility.

“Our activity in the last few hours have been ensuring that we protect these and we have been successful in that to date.”

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