SEPA Consults On Food Waste Recycling Quality

food-waste-plate-scrapeThe Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) is seeking responses to a consultation on guidance that sets out obligations along the chain of food waste management, with an aim of achieving a high quality recycling of food waste.

The consultation will run until 29 June 2016 and asks how the food waste management chain how to maximise efficiency across composting and anaerobic digestion.

The chain of management includes the waste producer, collection service provider, food waste treatment facility and final user of the food waste derived compost and / or anaerobic digestate.

SEPA intends to include standard permit conditions in all food waste treatment facility permits under a SEPA initiated variation to support the guidance.

It is also seeking feedback on its revised regulatory positions for the Regulation of Outputs from Composting and Anaerobic Digestion Processes.

These revisions set out limits (by weight) of physical contaminants (including plastic) to 50% of those specified in PAS 100 and 8% of those specified in PAS110 standards (for compost and anaerobic digestate resectively).

Compost or digestate that exceeds these revised limits for physical contaminants will be regulated as a waste and SEPA says such material is not be suitable for application to agricultural land under an exemption from waste management licensing.

SEPA is seeking comments on the proposals.

For the consultation CLICK HERE

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