Serious Blaze Rages At Lawrence Recycling, Kidderminster

Photo courtesy of Worcester News
Photo courtesy of Worcester News

A “huge” fire at  recycling plant has taken numerous fire crews to put it out, leading to another battle as environmental officers attempted to stop potentially polluted water from leaving the site.

The fire, at the site of Lawrence Recycling in Kidderminster, broke out in a site where paper and plastics are stored before they are reprocessed for recycling. Smoke was reported to be seen as much as 30 miles away from the site as 80 fire crew battled the blaze, the cause of which remains unknown.

Speaking earlier this week, Dave Throup of the Environment Agency, said: “One of the problems is it’s going to take an awful lot of water to fight that fire. We can’t keep all that water on site so we need to be very careful in terms of where it’s going into the local environment. We’ve got officers out at the moment monitoring the local water courses just making sure that fire water isn’t getting in because it does contain an awful lot of nasty toxins.”

The company also suffered a fire at the end of last year, in a warehouse also containing paper and plastics at another of its sites.


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