SESA Welcomes Clarity On Scottish Landfill Tax Rates

The Scottish Environmental Services Association (SESA) has welcomed the Scottish Government’s draft Budget for 2015/16, which sets the Scottish rate of landfill tax at the same level as the rest of the UK.

10-10-14-landfill-siteFinance Secretary, John Swinney, confirmed that when the new Scottish landfill tax takes effect from April 2015, the standard rate of landfill tax would be £82.60/tonne, and the lower rate at £2.60/tonne.

Commenting on the draft Budget, SESA’s policy executive, Stephen Freeland, said: “The landfill tax has proved one of the principal policy drivers for effecting change in the waste and resource management sector. By increasing the costs of landfill in a uniform and predictable way, the landfill tax has made alternative treatment infrastructure more economically viable, thereby encouraging the industry to invest in a range of facilities designed to recycle and recover the value embedded in waste.

“Since proposals for a devolved landfill tax were first announced, SESA has pressed for the Scottish landfill tax rate to mirror that of the rest of the UK. Without this consistency across the home nations price disparity might otherwise be exploited, leading to ‘waste tourism’, where waste is transported to or from Scotland to take advantage of the cheapest waste disposal option.

“We are therefore pleased that the Scottish Government has listened to the industry’s views”.

To see the draft budget in full click here


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