Shanks Opens Total Care Centre For Waste Water And Sludge

shanks-totalcare-ciwmShanks Group plc has opened its first Total Care Centre. Complete with an on-site waste treatment plant, it has been designed to increase volumes, drive efficiency and extend its geographical reach in the marketplace.

Located in the Europoort of Rotterdam, the Total Care Centre will collect waste water and sludges from the Europoort, either from docked ships or on-land processing activities. The on-site waste treatment plant has treatment tanks which are capable of holding approximately 4000m³ of waste liquid before it is bulk transferred by ship to ATM for treatment.

Shanks’ Total Care concept provides customers with a single point of contact and prevents them dealing with multiple contractors.

Jonny Kappen, managing director of Shanks’ Hazardous Division, said: “We are delighted to open our first Total Care Centre which gives the perfect platform to secure additional volumes by leveraging our Group capabilities. The opening of this facility is completely in line with our strategy to grow in our target markets and by operating in the largest port in Europe, we will be able to increase volumes, drive efficiency and extend the geographical reach of our business for the future.”


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