Simply Cups & EDWCA Team Up To Raise Awareness Of Paper Cup Issues

james-capel-peter-goodwin-of-simply-cups-1The European Drinking Water Cooler Association (EDWCA) has entered into a partnership with Simply Cups that will see each join the other’s organisation in an effort to generate awareness of paper drinking sup recycling and to provider workable recycling solutions to EDWCA members.

Simply Cups – a UK-based cup collection and recycling scheme – was established to address the high number of paper, polypropylene (PP), polystyrene (PS) and PET cups drinking cups used and disposed of each year. But it believes that water cooler cups also suffer the same waste issue; energy and resources are used to make the cup, which is used just once, before being disposed of in general waste which is then either incinerated or sent to landfill, hence the partnership between the two organisations.

Peter Goodwin, Co-founder of Simply Cups, commented: “The consequence of the media exposé on paper cups is that businesses are now becoming more acutely aware of the other major waste streams that they generate where these is currently no direct recycling solution.

“The many water cooler cups are a major contributor of this and so by partnering with Europe’s largest drinking water cooler association, Simply cups can provide EDWCA members with practical and cost-efficient solutions that will recycle water cooler cups back into new, functional products.”

Tracy Corroll (EDWCA Secretariat) commented: “As part of our continued drive to improve our offering to our members, we are delighted to hold joint membership with Simply Cups. Simply Cups are the only Cup recycling scheme in the UK helping to protect our environment from unnecessary waste.

“The water and extended beverage industry within the UK create a substantial amount of this waste and once again the EDWCA is pioneering change within the Water Cooler industry to offer our members a solution.

“As the Association auditor I am often asked if I am aware of schemes that could help our members with this challenging subject and now we will be able to offer this. The EDWCA are committed to looking for the ‘green’ approach when supporting our members”.


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