Success Of New Kerbside Scheme Saves Angus Council £25,000

community bring banks recyclingAngus Council in Scotland is set to reduce the number of neighbourhood recycling points it is offering in a move that will save it around £25,000 a year.

The move has been made possible by the way in which residents have embraced its new kerbside recycling arrangements, which will see the removal of the communal recycling points, to be replaced by mixed recycling bins.

Communities Convener, Councillor Donald Morrison said: “We are very pleased to see households making very good use of their new mixed recycling bin. Thanks to them there has been a significant reduction in the demand for neighbourhood recycling points (NRPs).

“Bins will be removed from three NRPs in the week beginning Monday 27 July, with the majority of the 19 selected for removal being taken away during the week beginning Monday 17 August.

“Where bins have been sited at community premises, such as village halls, we will work with them to ensure a suitable recycling provision is maintained.”

The Council explained that there were 50 NRPs in Angus at the start of 2014; six were removed from flatted properties and a school and were replaced by mixed recycling bins as part of the new kerbside recycling service. In the longer term, bins for plastic bottles will be removed from all sites due to collection costs, with residents able to dispose of them in their mixed recycling bin.

Notices have been placed at each of the NRPs selected to advise of their removal. Businesses and community facilities involved in the change have also been contacted.


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