“TEEP Routemap” To Be Released In April

recycling-collectionA working group comprised of members of local authority waste networks is to release a “routemap to understanding the requirements of the waste regulations” in April of this year, which will include information for local authorities on assessing whether their services meet the requirements regulations and, where necessary, in assessing TEEP (technically, environmentally and economically practicable).

The working group, comprised of members of local authority networks – co-ordinated through the Waste Network Chairs, the London Waste & Recycling Board and WRAP will work with Eunomia in the development of the Routemap, which it says will be a support tool to “help local authorities to assess their compliance with the Regulations. Developing an approach that can be utilised by any local authority will have benefits from both a national perspective and should help individual authorities avoid ‘reinventing the wheel’ and spending time and effort developing their own approach.

The Routemap to Understanding the requirements of the Waste Regulations 2011 (amended 2012)  cokes after Defra stated in January that there was “no need to issue further TEEP guidance”, despite opposition and claims to the contrary from the industry. Speaking at that time CIWM chief executive Steve Lee said: “With less than a year to go before the requirements of the Waste Framework Directive for the separate collection of recycled materials come into force, CIWM is very concerned that our industry is being left in confusion about TEEP.”

And in a recent poll on this website, less than 20 percent of respondents said that there was enough information and guidance available on TEEP, the remained wanting either more support from Defra or some further committed guidance.

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