Tesco Gives Plastic Waste A Second Life

tesco-store-ciwm-plastic-bagsRetail giant, Tesco, has implemented a scheme to turn its own plastic waste into products that prove useful to its own customers. The new development allows it to include post-conusmer plastic waste in its own new carrier bags – a move welcomed by WRAP.

Tesco PLC has been working with Eurokey Recycling Ltd, both members of RECOUP, to allow it to have its own back of store plastic waste, such as pallet and multi-pack wrapping, turned into a useful second life product. This is being done by Papier-Mettler and Robin Hughes, procurement manager at Tesco, commented: “We are extremely proud to work with these suppliers to turn plastics from our business generated waste into our single use carrier bags. We believe that recycling materials back into products makes sense for the industry and the environment.”

The single use carrier bags are made from 100% recycled LDPE; 80% of the material is post-consumer plastic waste with the remaining 20% being made up of recycled plastic waste from the production process on-site. The bags will be available throughout the supermarket chain for Tesco consumers from this October.

Long-Term Solution To Close The Loop

The process sees the material is collected by Eurokey, who sort the plastics to prepare the LDPE for reprocessing. They are then processed and granulated at the Papier-Mettler facility where the granulated recycled LDPE is used to produce Tesco single use carrier bags, as well as a part element of the Bag for Life. The project, which has been running successfully for some months, looks set to continue as a long-term viable solution.

Bill Aldridge, UK Sales Manager of Papier Mettler said: “We are delighted to be working with Tesco to achieve optimal solutions regarding green packaging. As a result, Tesco not only offers carrier bags made of post-consumer recycled material, they have now gone one step further. By closing the material loop, Tesco carrier bags are now produced using their own plastic waste. An ideal situation for Tesco, Tesco`s customers and the environment.”

Marcus Gover, Director, WRAP said of the project: “Tesco’s move to include post-consumer plastic waste in their new carrier bags is a positive and welcome step. Tesco shoppers will now be able to appreciate first-hand the potential for recycled plastic and it will help reinforce a positive recycling message.”


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