Minister Launches New “Resource Efficient Wales” Service

27-10-14-resource-efficient-walesWales’ Minister for Natural Resources, Carl Sergeant, has launched Resource Efficient Wales, a new service to help people, businesses and public bodies save on energy, waste and water.

“Wales is ahead of the game when it comes to energy efficiency, microgeneration, smarter use of waste and recycling, and this leading edge can help us to create lasting economic growth,” Sergeant said. “Despite its size, Wales produces over 11% of the UK’s total small scale hydro energy – the same as England, and Wales is doing really well on recycling – if we were a separate EU state we would be in the top four highest recycling nations in Europe.  But although we are leading the way in these fields, I want us to continue to develop our competitive advantage.

26-09-14-Carl-Sargeant-Wales“That is why I’m launching the Resource Efficient Wales service to provide households, community groups, businesses and third and public sector organisations with trustworthy information, advice and support to save on energy, waste and water.

“If you have been offered a deal on home insulation or recycling, or need advice on using water more efficiently, if your community group is looking into solar panels, or you need expert business advice on the reduction and disposal of waste, the Resource Efficient Wales team can help. The service will also help suppliers in the energy efficiency market who need accreditations to deliver services to their customers.

Resource Efficient Wales will draw on the expertise of 73 organisations to provide professional advice and support to service users from all sectors.

“Producing electricity from renewable sources, turning our waste into a resource, making our homes, schools and hospitals more energy efficient than ever, creates value.  It helps budgets go further, it can create green growth in our economy and it moves us along vital steps to reducing our carbon emissions and adapting to the effects of climate change  There are clear benefits for us all, and Resource Efficient Wales will help us to realise and capitalise on them.”

To view a video on the new service, click here


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