Third Stage Consultation Launches On Welsh Recovery Targets

06-09-13(4)picA third stage consultation on developing guidance for Welsh councils on recycling, preparation for re-use and composting targets has launched. 

Launched first in 2010, the Welsh Government has attempted to set out guidance in support of the Recycling, Preparation for Re-use and Composting Targets (Definitions) (Wales) Order 2011, which defines recycling, preparation for re-use and composting for the targets for local authorities in Wales.

Comments are now wanted on the draft guidance.

The consultation document states: “The Welsh Government considers it essential that the consultation on the Guidance documents prepared in support of its Local Authority Recovery Targets is comprehensive and affords the opportunity to reflect the concerns of its stakeholders.

“One consequence of this approach is that the consultation period is extended and the final Guidance will not be issued until well into the start of the Local Authority Recovery Targets regime. It is expected that the final Guidance will need few changes following the consultation and that the final Guidance will be issued later in 2013.”

Areas upon which additional clarification is required include:

  • The use of End of Waste (EoW) criteria to define products, materials and substances
  • The consequences of de-watering digestate produced by anaerobic digestion (AD), including calculation of recovery rates
  • The apportionment of recovery in respect of AD and energy from waste (EfW) facilities that receive materials from municipal and non- municipal sources.
  • Extending the period of reporting to WasteDataFlow
    Providing clarity in respect of these matters will require further consideration
  • and possibly legislation.

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