Timed Trade Waste Collections To Be Piloted In Key Edinburgh Areas

24-10-13(4)picTimed trade waste collections are set to be piloted in key areas across Edinburgh, meaning businesses will have to store waste inside their properties until the allotted time of collection.

report to the Transport and Environment Committee on Tuesday 29 October will recommend launching the pilot system in Leith Walk, the High Street and Rose Street, including the adjoining lanes in January 2014.

If approved, the pilot will mean that businesses can only present waste onto the street for collection at specific times and will be expected to store bags and containers within their properties at other times.

A similar policy has been successfully introduced in the City of Westminster and Manchester.

Councillor Lesley Hinds – “It is in the interests of businesses that Edinburgh remains a clean and beautiful city and they need to play their part”

UNESCO World Heritage and Historic Scotland have been consulted and both support the introduction of a timed collection approach in Edinburgh.

A timed collection system was one of three options, which were considered following a report from the Transport, Infrastructure and Environment Committee in October 2012. The other options, to introduce a zero tolerance of any trade waste on the street, and a permit system, will not be pursued.

Councillor Lesley Hinds, Environment Convener, said: “There has been an increasing number of trade waste containers being kept on the city’s streets which is having an adverse impact on the city’s appearance. There are also problems with litter escaping from trade waste bins that are overfull because they are not being serviced frequently enough or because businesses are leaving sacks of waste on the street overnight which makes them vulnerable to being ripped open by gulls and other animals.

“It is in the interests of businesses that Edinburgh remains a clean and beautiful city and they need to play their part. We will be working with and supporting businesses in the pilot areas to comply with the timed collections and the pilots will allow everyone to assess how effective this approach is.”

The pilots will run at the same time as the Clean Up Edinburgh campaign, a major project which will be launched next week and aims to change behaviour and attitudes towards litter.

A report on the outcome of the pilots will be reported back to committee towards the end of 2014.

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