TV Presenters Support Keep Britain Tidy’s The Big Scoop

14-06-13(4)picKeep Britain Tidy have teamed up with the UK’s largest dog welfare charity Dogs Trust to launch the first-ever The Big Scoop on June 14, when all around the UK there will be events and activities promoting poop scooping.

We are a nation of dog-lovers, according to Keep Britain Tidy, with an average of 10.5m dogs living in the UK.

39 Percent of households own at least one dog.

Although the vast majority of dog owners are responsible and pick up after their pets, a small minority refuse to do the right thing and the consequence is that pavements, parks, sports pitches and beaches can be blighted by dog mess, which is offensive and potentially dangerous.

The campaign has attracted some high-profile celebrity support, with TV presenters and dog owners Ben Fogle and Kirstie Allsopp backing the drive to encourage responsible dog ownership when it comes to cleaning up.

Up and down the country local authorities spend millions of pounds each year on cleaning up dog mess and many communities are suffering the consequences of the minority of those irresponsible dog owners.

The Big Scoop is an opportunity to remind every dog owner that they need to “Bag it and bin it”.

Children are the “dog owners of tomorrow” and also suffer the consequences of irresponsible dog owners not picking up on their walk to school or when they play in the park.

The Big Scoop is asking them to spread the word to their parents, schools and neighbours by being Super Pooper Scooper heroes! Maybe they could design some posters and take home some bags to give to dog-owning family and friends.

Whether you’re a council or a community group, a vet or a school, or if you simply want to show your support as an individual, you can order free materials to help you be a part of The Big Scoop.

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