UK Lamp Recycling Rate More Than Doubles

Figures provided by European lamp recycling schemes show that the UK was the second largest recycler, having collected and processed 5,370 tons of lamps. Figures show the UK contribution has more than doubled since 2008.

Germany, France, Spain and Italy were among the leading countries, all having contributed significantly to the 24,000 tons of lamps collected and processed in 2013 by the countries reviewed.

The international data was collated and submitted by European lamp recycling schemes, including Ecolamp in Italy, Ambilamp in Spain, Récylum in France, Lightcycle in Germany and Recolight of the UK.

The UK’s contribution to European lamp recycling is expected to grow. Figures released by the Environment Agency show that the UK has achieved a year on year increase in lamp recycling rates since 2008, from 23.2 percent to 52.8 percent in 2013.

This considerable growth will hopefully continue in order to meet recycling targets that are outlined within the recast WEEE Directive, including a national target for all WEEE categories of 45 percent of the three previous years’ EEE by 2016 and 65 percent by 2019.

From January this year WEEE compliance schemes are now required to meet mandatory collection targets.

In addition, lamps accounted for three percent of tonnage of business EEE placed on market, but represented 25 percent of business WEEE collected.

Recolight has contributed significantly to the increase in UK lamp recycling having recycled more lamps, LEDs and luminaires than all other UK schemes combined.

Additionally, in November 2013, Recolight launched its own luminaire compliance service, which was responsible for over 40 percent of the 984 tonnes of luminaires recycled by WEEE schemes during 2013.

Since the establishment of this service, the luminaire recycling rate in the UK has more than doubled.

In August, a survey commissioned by Recolight revealed that 95.1 percent of respondents believed all lamp producers should be required to offer free recycling.

There was a clear response from industry professionals with 95.1 percent of the 780 respondents agreeing that all lamp producers should be required to offer free lamp recycling to their customers.

90.4 percent agreed that the Government should set higher recycling targets for business and household WEEE lighting.


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