Updated Guidelines Emphasise Importance Of Plastics Design

plastic-bottlesThe importance of competent design in plastics manufacture has been highlighted in the ‘Recyclability by Design’ guide update, released yesterday (10 June).

The guide, originally published by Recoup in 2006 and updated at irregular intervals since, aims to encourage producers to construct their products in a more environmentally friendly way so that less waste will be created, legislation can be abided by and so as to increase recycling levels.

Recoup works with a core network of members and contacts across the plastics packaging supply chain to help understand and identify the current practicalities of recycling plastic packaging.

The brief for the guide states that: “Packaging should be designed to satisfy technical, consumer and customer needs in a way that minimises environmental impact. This means packaging should be designed to use the minimum amount of resources to serve its core purposes, and once it has completed its job to maximise the opportunity for recyclability.”

Recoup have already stated their intention to release further updates on a more regular basis in the near future, and they are believed to have already begun work to incorporate the latest research in the packaging design field.


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