Valpak Launches PackFlow 2025 Report At RTF17

Valpak has formally launched its PackFlow 2025 report at the Resourcing the Future conference. The report came from a recognition that the European Circular Economy Package will be a significant challenge to achieve and that the existing system for delivering packaging targets through producer responsibility in the UK may need to change.

PackFlow 2025 is the culmination of 12 months of research, commissioned by Valpak and delivered independently by Valpak Consulting, in conjunction with Verde Consulting, a Belgium based consultancy.

Those producing the report were tasked with reviewing EPR systems and performance across Europe and to consider whether targets were achievable and what learning we can take from those EPR schemes. It considers whether the existing UK system could deliver both the interim and long term targets being proposed by the Commission, and what are its present strengths and weaknesses. It considers whether the system could benefit from enhancement or updating or whether it would require a totally different approach is required. As a result a number of alternative models have been developed for further debate.

The work has been supported and advised by input from a PackFlow 2025 Steering Group made up of key producers and retailers, trade associations, material organisations, regulators, and Government.

The report also recognises that an EPR system should not be considered in isolation of other policies and suggests a number of supporting measures that could be put in place to assist and encourage the system based on experience in other European countries.

Estimates of the likely costs to industry of each model have been developed in order to help the debate and the focus in all options has been to ensure that money should be spent in a way which is fair, effective and efficient in terms of delivering the Circular Economy targets and some of its wider objectives.

The output is now publicly available on it is hoped that this will help UK Government, devolved administrations and industry make decisions on how the UK packaging system might evolve and change to meet the future challenges.

Steve Gough, Valpak Chief Executive launched the report saying: “We hope that the PackFlow 2025 report is welcomed today. We have used our 20 years of direct experience in EPR markets and systems, as well as our contacts and knowledge from across Europe to produce what we think is a very helpful and fact based report. We believe that although there is clearly a lot of uncertainty going forward, this reports goes some way to providing some clarity and thoughts around what could be achieved and how it could operate in a very practical approach which could help deliver future challenges in a cost effective and fair way for all going forwards.”

He went on to say, “We hope people read the report, consider its findings and we will continue to engage with stakeholders to take their views into consideration.”

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