Vanston Resigns Cambridgeshire Resources Role

Paul speaking at Resourcing the Future
Paul speaking at Resourcing the Future

Head of waste resources for South Cambridgeshire DC and Cambridge City Council, Paul Vanston, has announced that he will leave his current post in November this year.

Paul moved over from his role at the Kent Resource Partnership to his Cambridgshire position in February this year.

Citing personal reasons for his decision, particularly issues of managing long-distances between work and home, Paul says that he is not leaving the resources sector and will be looking to find his next role in the beginning of 2017.

In his resignation letter Paul states: “I’d like to take a moment to emphasise my decision has nothing to do with the post itself, the fantastic challenges we’ve been taking forward this year (and will do up to my departure), nor the wonderful team of staff at Waterbeach and Cambourne. The Service has an incredible future ahead and will, I’m sure, be among the best in the country if all the opportunities are grasped.”

Paul will continue in his role until 4 November.

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