Veolia And Southwark Go Bag2Bag With New Recycling Scheme

A new scheme, called Bag2Bag, is being introduced by Southwark Council and will see all plastic bags brought to its Reuse and Recycling Centre (RRC) being recycled back into new bags to distribute to Southwark residents.

carrier bagsIntroduced as part of a collection service run by Veolia, Southwark Council’s waste management provider the scheme will see shopping bags collected at a new recycling point at Southwark’s RRC. Once enough have been collected, they will be reprocessed by CeDo, a plastics manufacturer, where they will be washed and shredded into pellets, which are then blown into bubbles of plastic film to form new bags.

Over the next three months, Southwark residents on the service will start to receive the first set of recycled refuse sacks that have been generated from plastic bags from the borough.

Councillor Darren Merrill, cabinet member for recycling and environment, said: “Plastic bags are rarely collected by other local authorities so I’m glad to be working with our waste partners, Veolia, to deliver on our commitment to send fewer materials to landfill.”

Darren Mosley, Commercial Sales Director for CeDo said: “We are delighted to be working with Veolia on this project. We have an opportunity to deliver genuine innovation to the residents of Southwark by utilising previously unusable waste and turning it back into useful second life product.”

Fabrice Bouchon, General Manager for Veolia in Southwark said: “Plastic bags should be reused as much as possible, although once bags have come to the end of their usefulness, if they are brought to the RRC, they can be recycled to be distributed out to the 9,300 properties on Southwark Housing estates that receive refuse sacks due to a lack of space for bins.”


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